Are You Ready To Heal Your Broken Heart & Find Peace Within Yourself?

You might have been blind sighted by your breakup or maybe you saw it coming. Either way you feel overcome by emotions & tears & it doesn't seem to be lightening up.

You're DONE playing out a million "what if" scenarios in your head & you are ready to focus back onto yourself & moving forward.

If you have been wallowing in your heartbreak & feeling like this pain is never going to end, THIS is for you 👇🏽

What Is This?

This is a spiritual & energetic approach to healing & releasing your past relationship{s} on a cellular level. 

This is a 6 week course that gently guides you through letting go & getting over your ex.

And we don't stop there, you will also be guided into stepping into the next level you ❤️

The Framework


Module 1

  • Create a solid foundation for your healing journey 
  • Learn what self care practices will help to take this journey to the next level 
  • Learn how to connect with your Inner child to prevent self sabotage 
  • Learn how to ground into yourself so that you feel safe exploring your emotions

Module 2

  • Remove any urges to numb out so you can be fully present during this experience
  • Remove all resistance to fully embracing your emotions & working through them gently 

Module 3

  • Release any blame you have for your ex & yourself 
  • Release all the grief around losing your ex & the life you thought you were going to have 
  • Come to a place of acceptance for what happened 

Module 4

  • Learn how you can start to open up to forgiveness even if you aren’t ready 
  • Forgive yourself & your ex for the parts you played in the breakdown of this relationship 

Module 5

  • Learn & integrate all the lessons from your past relationship 
  • Release your old victim story & step into your new empowering story 
  • Shift your identity from being their ex to being the next level you 

Module 6

  • Learn how to lock in & integrate all the shifts & healing into every cell of you body

By the end of our time together you will feel like a whole new person who is ready to move forward without dragging your past into your present.

What's Included:

🖤 6 weekly lessons that gently guide you through your healing journey
🖤 My best journaling questions to help you reconnect with yourself
🖤 4 meditations & visualizations to help you find clarity
🖤6+ EFT tapping videos to help you release the old & step into your new life

I am Ready! Let's Do This!

This is for you if;

  • You want a gentle way to release the heavy emotions you've been feeling
  • You are ready to let go of your ex so that you can create space for a more aligned, fulfilling relationship 
  • You are ready to focus on yourself & creating your best life moving forward 

For years I doubted in my ability to leave my ex & do life on my own. 

And then came a day {5 years later} when we finally broke up & I had to navigate this whole healing process on my own. And let me tell you - IT SUCKED! It sucked balls for a while & then it got better. My heart physically hurt & then it started hurting less & less. I did countless reiki & tapping sessions crying for what felt like forever. And then I cried less & less. 

What I know for sure is that doing the energy work;

  • speeds up the healing process X100
  • helps the process happen more gently 

Of course you can pretend everything is fine, jump on the dating apps & go kiss the first guy you meet. All is well & good until you find out your ex is dating someone else before you get triggered & the tears start flowing all over again - And if this is where you're at currently, no judgement. My point is, you can't ignore the healing process. You have to go through it sooner or later. So let me help you do it in the most gentlest way possible. 

Because do you know what happens when you finally release & get over your ex for good? Imagine...

🖤 You wake up every morning EXCITED because you are finally doing all the things you secretly wanted to because you are no longer playing small

🖤 Your skin is glowing now that you're not stressing out & losing sleep about why this happened & secretly emotionally eating or not eating

🖤 You feel at peace now that you have your life back & you're not bending over backwards & sideways trying to please the wrong person.

A breakup is not a breakdown - it's a break through. 

A break through to your new wonderful life that's been waiting for you.

Imagine being able to achieve all that in just 6 weeks!

Are you ready to jump ALL in?

Healing Through Heartbreak

Your Spiritual Guide To Gently Letting Go Of Your Ex - For Good

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